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SNAP Retailer Notice - Stocking Requirements

Wednesday, December 20, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Bannon Squirewell
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SNAP Retailer Notice
On January 17, 2018, SNAP-authorized stores will need to meet new stocking requirements. Most stores are authorized under Eligibility Criterion A.  To continue to accept SNAP benefits, a store that is authorized under Criterion A must have a
minimum of 3 varieties of staple food items for each of the 4 staple food categories.  SNAP-authorized stores must also offer for sale at least 1 variety of perishable foods in at least 2 staple food categories.  In total, 36 staple food items are needed.
Staple food category:  There are 4 staple food categories: Vegetables or Fruits (V/F); Meat, Poultry, or Fish (M/P/F); Dairy Products (D); and Breads or Cereals (B/C).
Staple food variety:  Staple food varieties are different types of food within a staple food category (Ex: Oranges and apples are staple food varieties in the V/F category; and tuna and chicken are staple food varieties in the M/P/F category).  Stores need 3 varieties of staple food items in each staple food category. 
Stocking unit:  In order to count as a staple food variety, there must be 3 stocking units of the staple food.  Stocking units are a can, bunch, box, bag, or package that a product is usually sold in (Ex: 3 bunches of bananas = 1 V/F variety).
Perishable Foods:   Products that are either frozen staple food items; or fresh, un-refrigerated, or refrigerated staple food items that will spoil or suffer significant deterioration in quality within 2 to 3 weeks
3 Stocking Units of a Staple Food = 1 Variety of that Staple Food

3 Different Varieties in each of the four Staple Food Categories including 1 Variety of Perishable Food in two Staple Food Categories meets stocking requirements
Please note: 

• If your store does not sell food items in all 4 staple food categories (for example, a butcher shop or a bakery), then more than 50% of the total dollar amount of all retail sales in your store must come from the sale of staple foods for example, meats at a butcher shop, or breads in a bakery). This is Eligibility Criterion B.  

• “Staple foods” do not include foods that are hot at the point-of-sale, prepared foods (hot or cold) intended for on-site consumption, or “accessory foods.”  Accessory foods include cakes, pastries, potato chips, cookies, soda, or other items that complement or supplement meals. 

• These changes to stocking requirements do not change what food is eligible for purchase with SNAP benefits.

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